4:20 pm

Get Your (Healthy) Snack On!

One of the most common concerns I hear about switching to a predominantly whole food, low sugar lifestyle revolves around deprivation. But believe me when I say there is life after processed junk food and soda. You will not need to live on a diet of twigs and leaves (at least not entirely!). In fact, there are a wide variety of delicious and nourishing foods out there just waiting to be eaten that will boost your energy level and improve your health. Read More

12:26 pm

Forget Dietary Guidelines and Embrace "Food Rules"

Michael Pollan, a journalist who writes about food and health has some pretty basic "food rules" to help everyone calm down and just eat real food. If you missed it, PBS recently aired a documentary on Pollan's views called "In Defense of Food." The show is really a must see for everyone concerned with the future of food and health in this country. Read More