7:55 am

Eat Fat and Lose Weight

OK, I am just going to say it: fat does not make you fat; sugar makes you fat. The obsession over removing fat from our diet is a result of a tragically flawed study decades ago. The subsequent decision to replace natural sources of fat with nonfat, highly processed fake "food" loaded with sugars and chemicals has resulted in an obesity and health epidemic. It is time we understood and embrace the important role fat plays in a healthy, balanced diet. Read More

12:00 pm

Healthy Eating for Families

For me, food is love. I consider the food I feed my family every day to be a reflection of the love I feel for my girls and my wife (and even for myself). In fact, food is one way I offer my love to my family and then ask them to trust me. Just as with other forms of love, it is not necessarily easy and it is not perfect. However, at the end of the day, I want to understand that I am giving what I can of myself for the health and wellbeing of my family. I want to share with you some basic principles and strategies that will begin to change your relationship around food and how you feed your family. Read More