2:10 pm

What I Learned From My Sourdough Bread Experiment

There are few issues in the world of nutrition today that elicits as much opinion and emotion as whether or not to eat bread. Bread, once revered as the creator of life itself (“the bread of life”), is now considered by some to be responsible for all manner of health conditions from digestive disorders and obesity to autism and even schizophrenia. I was diagnosed with gluten sensitivity about 6 years ago and have been living basically wheat free ever since. So, I thought it would be interesting to see what would happen if I baked and ate bread using a sourdough starter and an old world recipe. Maybe gluten sensitivity is related to modern commercial production of bread and not the wheat itself. Read More

1:32 pm

Finding Time For The Kitchen

Not surprisingly, eating increasing amounts of processed and fast foods has resulted in Americans consuming a whopping 500 more calories per day on average. Much of this “food” is of extremely low quality prepared with salts, sugars, unhealthy fats, preservatives and chemicals never found in meals cooked at home. Studies are showing that the more time a nation devotes to cooking at home the lower it’s rate of obesity. It is essential for our health that we find the time and the commitment to cook. Read More